Ultrasol® Initial

Ultrasol® Initial is a formula which has been developed to simulate the growth and the development of roots, stems and leaves, thanks to its well-balanced nutrients and high content of phosphate.

Ultrasol® Initial is to be applied especially during the first weeks of the vegetative cycle.

  • Favorous the synthesis of new root tissues and increases the root mass of the crop.
  • 100% soluble, ready to use.
  • Especially designed for pressurized irrigation system.
  • Aporte balanceado de nitrógeno nítrico y amoniacal.
  • Does not crystallize and does not produce salt deposits in drippers and irrigation systems.

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Nitrogen (N)


Phosphorous pentoxide (P2O5)


Potassium oxide (K2O)


Magnesium oxide (MgO)


Sulphur (S)


Boron (B)

530 ppm

Zinc (Zn)

1020 ppm

CE (1 g/l 20°C)

1,05 dS/m

pH (0,1% solution)


Solubility (20°C)

566 g/l

Solubility (30°C)

585 g/l

Solubility (35°C)

592 g/l

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Compatibility Ultrasol® Initial with other products:
YES: 100% Compatible products in the dissolution tank. NO: Products that never be mixed in the dissolution tank. R: Restricted mixtures, at hight concentrations precipitates could turn out. P: Products that should be mixed with precaution, follow thisorder: 1ª water, 2ª specialty nutrient and 3ª acid.
A: Upon mixing in the dissolution tank, make sure the pH of the mixture does not drop below 4. L: When mixing these products with any Ultrasol® product, maintain the following proportion: 30kg. of Utrasol® for every 1kg, of any another specialty nutrient. E: Compatible only in the main tank at the time of injection.

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