Ultrasol® Tomato

Ultrasol® Tomato is a soluble nutritional solution containing balanced macro and micronutrients which, together with the application of Ultrasol® Calcium, completely satisfies the nutritional requirements of Tomato crops.

Ultrasol® Tomato is recommended for high pH water and soil conditions due to its acidification capacity, which improves macro and micronutrient absorption by the plant and keeps the irrigation system free of obstructions.

  • A nutritionally superior and ultra-soluble formula, easy to manage, with full nutrient contribution.
  • Direct acidification of irrigation water, making acid application unnecessary.
  • Chlorine-free formula, 100% soluble, keeps the irrigation network clean.
  • Balanced contribution of nitric and ammonia nitrogen.
  • Ultrasol® Tomato is a balanced nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P2O5), potassium (K2O), formula that includes chelated iron (Fe) and chelated zinc (Zn) micronutrients.
  • Optimal cost-benefit ratio.

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Riqueza porcentual

Nitrógeno (NO3-)






Pentóxido de fósforo (P2O5)


Oxido de Potasio (K2O)


Oxido de Magnesio (MgO)


Azufre (S)


Fierro (EDTA-Fe)

500 ppm

Manganeso (EDTA-Mn)

200 ppm

Zinc (EDTA-Zn)

300 ppm

Boro (B)

1000 ppm

Riqueza molimolar

Anión nitrato (NO3-)

6.4 mM/gr

Anión fosfato (H2PO4-)

1.3 mM/gr

Anión sulfato (SO4-)

1.1 mM/gr

Catión amonio (NH4+)

4.1 mM/gr

Catión potasio (K+)

5.5 mM/gr

Catión magnesio (Mg2+)

0.5 mM/gr

Catión hidrógeno (H+)

0.7 mM/gr

Especificaciones de disolución

CE (1g/l 20°C)

1.3 dS/m



Solubilidad (20ºC)

250 g/l

Solubilidad sugerida

200 g/l

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