Ultrasol® KS

Ultrasol® KS is a product based on 100% soluble potassium. Its natural origin and the modern extraction technology which is applied, guarantee a product of high purity and quality. SQM recommends its use in pressurized irrigation systems for soil applications and for foliar applications to supply the plants with nitrate, potassium and sulphur.

  • Ultrasol® KS is 100% water-soluble. Its characteristics make it suited for fertigation applications via drip, sprinkler and micro-sprinkler systems and for foliar application.
  • Ultrasol® KS is a fine, crystalline, white powder that is virtually free of contaminations (chloride, sodium, heavy metals) and impurities.
  • Ultrasol® KS is compatible with all the Ultrasol® product ranges and with the majority of the specialty plant nutrients.
  • Thanks to its N:K 1:5 ratio, it is the recommended specialty plant nutrient to be applied during the accumulation of carbohydrates in the reserve organs. In those moments when the crops require few presence of nitrogen.
  • Ultrasol® KS contributes potassium, a nutrient that is very much needed by flowers, vegetables and fruits. Potassium is essential to grow healthy fruits, well-shaped, with an attractive colour and good sugar content.

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Total of nitrate nitrogen (N - NO3)


Total of potassium (K2O)


Total of sulphur (S)


Total of sulphates oxide (SO4)


Solubility (g/l at 20° C)


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Compatibility Ultrasol® KS with other products:
YES: 100% Compatible products in the dissolution tank. NO: Products that never be mixed in the dissolution tank. R: Restricted mixtures, at hight concentrations precipitates could turn out. P: Products that should be mixed with precaution, follow this order: 1ª water, 2ª specialty nutrient and 3ª acid.
A: Upon mixing in the dissolution tank, make sure the pH of the mixture does not drop below 4. L: When mixing these products with any Ultrasol® product, maintain the following proportion: 30kg. of Utrasol® for every 1kg, of any another specialty nutrient. E: Compatible only in the main tank at the time of injection.

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