Ultrasol® UAP ACID

Ultrasol® UAP ACID is a strong acidic, high analysis P and N source for fertigation in soil-grown crops. Thanks to its acidic action, Ultrasol® UAP ACID increases the nutrient availability in the soil solution, improves the nutrient uptake efficiency, and helps to prevent the blocking of irrigation systems.

  • Ultrasol® UAP ACID is very suitable for calcareous and alkaline soil conditions. Helps to bring and to maintain micro-nutrients, magnesium, calcium and phosphates in their ionic forms in the soil solution, readily available for plant uptake. This increases the nutrient uptake efficiency, which results in more leaf chlorophyll and net photosynthesis, thus higher crop productivity.
  • Ultrasol® UAP ACID helps to prevent blockage of pipes and nozzles of the irrigation system, which particularly might occur under hard water conditions. When applied in fertigation, the acidic pH of Ultrasol® UAP ACID contributes to prevent the formation of magnesium and micro-nutrients precipitates under their oxide form or as insoluble phosphate salts.
  • Very low in chloride, sodium and heavy metals.
  • Balanced contribution of nitric and ammonia nitrogen.
  • Ultrasol® UAP ACID is a free-flowing, fine crystalline powder that quickly dissolves in water.

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Nitrogen (N)

14,0% minimum

Ammoniacal nitrogen (N)

7,8% minimum

Ureic nitrogen (N)

6,2% minimum

Phosphorous pentoxide (P2O5)

55,0% minimum, soluble in water

Phosphorous (P)

24,0% minimum, soluble in water

Maximum solubility (20°C)

45 g/100 g water

Maximum solubility (10°C)

35 g/100 g water


< 0,1%

EC (1 g/l at 25°C, in mS/cm)


pH (1 - 10% solution)


pH (0,1% solution)



2,2 mmole H+/gram

Bicarbonate neutralizing power

2,2 mmole HCO3-/gram 135 ppm HCO3-/gram


Crystalline, odourless powder



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