Ultrasol® Magnum P44

Ultrasol® Magnum P44 is a unique product, because it is the only dry, strong acid in crystalline form. Thanks to its acidic action, Ultrasol® Magnum P44 considerably increases the absorption of nutrients from the soil. Ultrasol® Magnum P44 contains 18% nitrogen (N) y 44% phosphorous (P2O5). As it is both 100% water soluble and a strong acidifier, it contributes to an optimal nutrient distribution, prevents the blocking of irrigation systems and improves the nutrient uptake efficiency.

  • Ultrasol® Magnum P44 is a dry acid does not have the handling hazards wich are often associated with liquid acids.
  • Due to its acidifying nature, Ultrasol® Magnum P44 is particularly suitable for calcareous and alkaline soil conditions.
  • Under normal conditions no extra acid treatment is required if Ultrasol® Magnum P44 or Ultrasol® Magnum P44 based water soluble NPKs are applied.
  • The acidity of Ultrasol® Magnum P44 helps to prevent blockage of pipes and nozzles of the irrigation system, which particularly might occur in hard water. Hard water is high in calcium and magnesium, which are mainly present as calcium and magnesium bicarbonates and carbonates.



Ureic Nitrogen (N)


Phosphorous pentoxide (P2O5)


Phosphorous (P)



> 99,8%

Moisture content

< 0,3%

CE (1 g/l at 25°C, en mS/cm)


pH (solution al 1%)


pH (solution al 0,05%)



Crystaline, odourless



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Early crop maturity and larger net income for the farmer.

Early maturity in crops´ production can be crucial in terms of income and losses for the farmer, being a very important factor, particularly for the horticulture and fruit producers. Even though, some farmers prefer to relate early maturity to any other aspect rather than the crop.

Therefore, when looking at the supermarket shelves, another history can be appreciated. Fruits are more or less available all year around, but crops are seasonally harvested, so local producers tend to obtain higher prices when they offer their produce early to the market (cucumber, tomato and table grape). The price reduction for the producer can be highly significant, even though the season could be recently begin, so farmers can suffer 50% or more reduction in income per unit. Here is found the importance of early maturity.

When using Ultrasol® Magnum P44 farmers have attained that the harvest season begins 7 to 10 days earlier compares with the use of N/P water soluble products from other competing companies and even without sacrificing total yield.

Both aubergines have the same age, and then ¿which is the difference? The one on the left has been treated with MAP. The one on the right was treated with Ultrasol® Magnum P44 (Mexico 2004).

Both aubergines have the same age, and then ¿which is the difference? The one on the left has been treated with MAP. The one on the right was treated with Ultrasol® Magnum P44 (Mexico 2004).

Low pH seems to be the greatest incentive for inducing the plant’s early maturity

SQM has studied the effect in scientific trails and has been able to confirm the effect of early maturity with zucchini in pot’s trails. Researchers were able to exclude the direct nutritional causes and concluded that low pH of the fertigation solution seems to be the greatest incentive for inducing plant’s early maturity (see figure).


Continuous application of Ultrasol® Magnum P44 of low pH solutions in the root’s environment of the crop exerts a periodic stress type to the plant which tentatively orients a signal with hormone effect. This effect can be conceived as a root’s signal to the shoot which encourages the generative growing and seems to be more pronounced once the soil buffering capacity is exceeded.

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Compatibility Ultrasol® Magnum P44 with other products:
YES: 100% Compatible products in the dissolution tank. NO: Products that never be mixed in the dissolution tank. R: Restricted mixtures, at hight concentrations precipitates could turn out. P: Products that should be mixed with precaution, follow thisorder: 1ª water, 2ª specialty nutrient and 3ª acid.
A: Upon mixing in the dissolution tank, make sure the pH of the mixture does not drop below 4. L: When mixing these products with any Ultrasol® product, maintain the following proportion: 30kg. of Utrasol® for every 1kg, of any another specialty nutrient. E: Compatible only in the main tank at the time of injection.

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