Ultrasol® K Acid

Ultrasol® K Acid is the most acidic potassium nitrate sources with a low pH level of 2, obtained already at 0,1% solution. When applied in fertigation, its acidic pH helps to prevent magnesium and micro-nutrients precipitates under their oxide form or as insoluble phosphate salts. When used in a foliar application, its low pH acidifies the spray tank solution, which helps to improve nutrient availability, nutrient uptake by the leaf, and the stability of the majority of pesticides.

  • A pH level of 2 can already be achieved when only 1 gram per litre is dissolved (0,1% solution).
  • It´s frequently used when the irrigation water is saline with high levels of chloride. High nitrate levels are applied in the nutrient solution to counteract the negative effects of chloride excess imbalances.
  • Ultrasol® K Acid is a K source free of sulphate and chloride, which avoids any further salt accumulation in the rooting zone.
  • Nitrate nitrogen is non-volatile and enhances the uptake of other cations (K+, Ca2+, Mg2+). Nitrate nitrogen is the most efficient nitrogen source for plant growth.
  • Very low in chloride, sodium and heavy metals.
  • Ultrasol® K Acid is free - flowing, fine crystalline powders that quickly dissolve in water.
  • Ultrasol® K Acid can be mixed with all watersoluble fertilizers and are also compatible with the majority of pesticides in foliar application.

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Fertirrigation program for Blueberry

Approximately yield 50 ton/ha

Nutrient supply

pH stability

3,5 - 12

Iron (Fe) content, typical(%)




Nitrogen (N)

13,6% (min)

Potassium oxide (K2O)

44,4% (min)

Potassium (K)

36,9% (min)

Chloride content (Cl)

< 0,6%

Solubility (g/l a 20°C)



< 0,1

CE (1 g/l at 25°C, en mS/cm)


pH (1% solution)



Crystaline, odourless



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Hide Compatibility Table Compatibility Ultrasol® K Acid with other products:
YES: 100% Compatible products in the dissolution tank. NO: Products that never be mixed in the dissolution tank. R: Restricted mixtures, at hight concentrations precipitates could turn out. P: Products that should be mixed with precaution, follow this order: 1ª water, 2ª specialty nutrient and 3ª acid.
A: Upon mixing in the dissolution tank, make sure the pH of the mixture does not drop below 4. L: When mixing these products with any Ultrasol® product, maintain the following proportion: 30kg. of Utrasol® for every 1kg, of any another specialty nutrient. E: Compatible only in the main tank at the time of injection.
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