Speedfol™ Cacao SP

  • Speedfol® Cacao SP boost the bean yield as it is specially developed for Cacao crop including the seven most important nutrients required during the critical growth stages of the Cacao crop.
  • This product supplies the macro and microelements in right form (source). Quantity required (recommendation) and timing (moments of application) according to the need of the crop demand.
  • It maximizes crop yield of bean with superior quality, while minimizing potential yield losses like flower drops during the growing stages.
  • It is the product of choice, because it is the only foliar spray applied, pH optimized solution for Cacao crop.
  • It will bypass and overcome the rooting zone related plant K and micronutrient uptake limitations.
  • Unlike straight NK or NPK fertilizers and the individual micronutrients, Speedfol® Cacao SP is more a convenient solution as it already includes essential micronutrients to match the plant needs.
  • Most products only contain cosmetic amounts of micronutrients while Speedfol® Cacao SP covers about 30-40 % (zinc & boron) of the crop’s need of micronutrients when applied at the recommended dose rate and stages of application.



Total Nitrogen (N)

12,0 %

Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) water soluble

15,0 %

Potassium Oxide (K2O) water soluble

32,0 %


Boron (B) water soluble

0,04 %

Iron (Fe) Chelated EDTA

0,05 %

Manganese (Mn) Chelated EDTA

0,10 %

Zinc (Zn) Chelated EDTA

0,70 %

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Ideal situations for foliar application of Speedfol® Cacao SP

Recommended spray programme of Speedfol® Cacao SP
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