Speedfol™ Crop SP

  • Is a crop-specific SPN solutions range of products,
  • designed for spray-applications,
  • which consists of high K formulations derived from potassium nitrate, the preferred K-source in spray applications,
  • pH optimized, and enriched with micronutrients in the plant-required amounts
  • in order to bypass and overcome rooting zone-related plant K and micronutrients uptake limitations.

Speedfol™ Crop SP Products Nutritional solutions for foliar application specially formulated to meet the specific needs of each crop:

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Three main challenges, growers may be Faced with

1. Low Yields
2. Falta de calidad de:
  • Taste
  • Size
  • Appearance
3. Lack of Quality:
  • Premature fruit drop
  • Lodging incidence
  • Diseases
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Our SPN Foliar Solutions Increase Grower’s Net Income

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Beneficial Situations of Speedfol™ Applications::

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Note: Some products not be available in certain markets.