Speedfol™ Plant Grow SP

Speedfol™ Plant Grow SP is a foliar fertilizer ideal for promoting blooming and shoot development. It is urea free and provides the correct nitric/ammonia nitrogen ratio. In transplants, nurseries, and plantations, it improves nitrogen absorption when soil temperature is low. Its magnesium and sulphur level improves the plant quality and color, achieving compact and vigorous plants while its chelated micro-nutrients guarantee availability in a broad range of water quality and pH values.

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Nitrogen (N)

20.0 %

Phosphorus (P2O5)

8.0 %

Potassium (K2O)

20.0 %

Magnesium (MgO)

0.5 %

Sulphur (S)


Iron (Fe)

500 ppm

Manganese (Mn)

100 ppm

Zinc (Zn)

100 ppm

Boron (B)

100 ppm

Copper (Cu)

100 ppm

Molybdenum (Mo)

100 ppm

CE (1 g/l 20ºC)

1,2 dS/m

pH (1 g/l 20ºC)


Solubility (20ºC)

240 g/l

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