Speedfol™ B SP

Speedfol™ B SP improves fruitset, increases yield and has a positive effect on crop quality.

Boron (B) is essential for cell wall formation (formation of pectin and lignin) and is a structural component of the cell wall. B is required for sugar metabolism and the transportation of sugars. B is needed for proper pollen germination, and an adequate B level in the stigma is necessary for pollen tube growth (key factor for normal seed and fruit development). A lack of B may lead to flower and fruit abortion.


Declared Contents % p/p

Boro (B)

17,0 soluble in water

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  • Speedfol™ B SP is applied to the canopy to improve the fruitset and productivity of vegetables, fruit and nut trees, cereals and other crops.
  • The polyborate formulation with its high boron content of 17 % B in combination with an extended rainfastness and a builtin penetration system, favour its solubility and absorption by the plant.
  • Speedfol™ B SP is derived from boric acid, which is the only form of boron absorbed by the plant, making it the most efficient boron source.
  • Its acidic pH of 5 reduces the pH of alkaline water, which makes Speedfol™ B SP ideally suitable for application with the majority of agricultural pesticides for higher stability and effectiveness.
  • It does not contain chloride, sodium nor heavy metals, thus minimising the risk of contamination, scorching or phytotoxicity.
  • Speedfol™ B SP conforms to the EPA, EUREPGAP and GAP norms for foliar plant nutrition.

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Speedfol™ B SP: The only boron foliar source that acidify the mixer tank.
DiSodiumOctaborate (e.g. Solubor) increases the water pH in the tank and therefore the liquid B (Boron complex with ethanol amine (MEA)) compares with the control. Even though B-MEA is derived from boric acid, when complemented with mono ethanol amine there is an increment in the water pH of the product, in stead of reducing it.

The effect of different boron fertilizer treatments was evaluated. Well water was collected and was send to the Tifton laboratory, USA, where boron fertilizer materials were "re-mixed" to obtain boron dose used in cotton fields. The mix pH was measured using a pH precision instrument.
Most of pesticides and growth regulators work better in acid level water.
he water pH is a critical factor on the effectiveness of many pesticides and growth regulators. Many of the materials operate better when mixed with acid level water, while some work better in neutral or higher pH. Pesticides such as organophosphate, carbamates, chlorinated hydrocarbons, "etephon" (grow regulator) and other products experiment a chemical reaction (hydrolysis) which causes a fractioning in water with pH greater than 7.0. The larger water alkalinity, the greater the pesticide deterioration.

Hydrolysis can be very rapid when the water pH is greater than 8.

Every pH unit increment has the effect of increasing 10 times the hydrolysis speedy. Some pesticides begin fractioning as soon as are mixed with high water pH.
Speedfol™ B SP
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