Speedfol™ Mg SC

Speedfol™ Mg SC is a highly concentrated source of magnesium to be used as a foliar spray to prevent and correct magnesium deficiency imbalances.

Magnesium is the central part of the chlorophyll molecule, the place where the plant produces sugars that enable the plant to grow and (re)produce. Chlorophyll gives the green colour to plants.

An application with Speedfol™ Mg SC will result in improved photosynthetic efficiency and give the plant a greener appearance.

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Speedfol™ Mg SC is a suspension concentrate formulation that contains a highly concentrated nutrient solution, which means that only a small quantity of product is needed to supply the desired amount of nutrients.

The built-in adjuvants favour a fast absorption of all nutrients in the formulation, reducing the risk of early wash-off by rainfall.

It does not contain chloride and heavy metals, thus minimising the risk of contamination, scorching or phytotoxicity.

Speedfol™ Mg SC conforms to the EPA, EUREPGAP and GAP norms for foliar plant nutrition.


Declared Contents % w/w

Declared Contents % w/v

Total magnesium oxide (MgO)



Total magenisum (Mg)



Low in chloride

Typical density: 1410 g/l at 20∞C

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  • The recommendations in this brochure are general guidelines. They can vary along with various factors, conditions, criteria and objectives. Consult your advisor or distributor for your specific crop programme or for any other information about the use of the Speedfol™ plant nutrition range.
  • Speedfol™ Mg SC is a complement to the soil fertility. Under no circumstances does it represent a substitution.
  • Speedfol™ Mg SC should preferably be applied in the early morning or late afternoon. Do not apply to plants that are undergoing a period of moisture or heat stress.
  • For optimum results, Speedfol™ Mg SC should be used on a programme basis in combination with the other Speedfol™, Ultrasol™ and/or Qrop™ products.
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