Speedfol™ K SL

Speedfol™ K SL is a nitrogen, chloride and sulphate free, water soluble organic potassium fertiliser for use as a foliar feed or for fertigation in plants to correct or prevent K deficiency imbalances.

Speedfol™ K SL is high in potassium (K). K is the key nutrient for quality and quantity. It regulates the opening and closure of stomata and therefore the CO2 assimilation in the leaf and photosynthesis (sugar production). It transports and stores the sugars from the leaf to the fruit. Potassium is active in more than 60 enzymatic complexes. K stimulates the generative growth of plants.

Speedfol™ K SL helps to improve fruit colour, fruit firmness and calibre.

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Potassium oxide (K2O)



soluble in water, complexed by amino acids

Potassium (K)



soluble in water, complexed by amino acids

Total Calcium



Low in chloride

Typical density: 1300 g/l at 20∞C

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  • Speedfol™ K SL is free of nitrogen, allowing the product to be used until harvest, since it will not stimulate vegetative growth, which might have a negative impact on fruit colour and fruit fill.
  • Speedfol™ K SL is applied to the crop in the generative phase to promote the flower and fruit formation and growth.
  • The highly concentrated potassium formulation means that only a small quantity of product is needed to supply the desired amount of potassium.
  • Its acidic pH helps to reduce the pH of alkaline water and increases the stability and efficacy of tank mixes.
  • Speedfol™ K SL has a humectant activity, which prolongs the wetting period of the leaf and improves the potassium uptake via the leaf.
  • The organic complex is easily taken up, distributed and metabolised by the plant, serving as a source of energy for the plant.
  • It does not contain chloride and heavy metals, thus minimising the risk of contamination, scorching or phytotoxicity.
  • Speedfol™ K SL conforms to the EPA, EUREPGAP and GAP norms for foliar plant nutrition.
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