Speedfol™ Amino Calmag SL

Speedfol™ Amino Calmag SL is a liquid nutrient solution, containing Ca and Mg, fully complexed by amino acids (AA) of vegetal origin.

Speedfol™ Amino Calmag SL is the most efficient AA complexed product available, because it only contains free amino acids, assuring a maximum nutrient complexation.

The AA-Ca-Mg complex is a small molecule that easily passes the plant's barriers (cuticle, cell walls, and cell membranes). In addition, the vegetal origin of the AA facilitates the recognition, absorption and metabolisation by the plant.

The AA stimulate photosynthesis and control the opening of stomata. AA are a precursor and activator of phytohormones and growth substances, building blocks for protein synthesis and a source of energy.

Speedfol™ Amino Calmag SL is applied to the crop to prevent and correct Ca and Mg deficiency imbalances.

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Calcium oxide (CaO)



soluble in water, complexed by amino acids

Calcium (Ca)



soluble in water, complexed by amino acids

Magnesium oxide (MgO)



soluble in water, complexed by amino acids

Magnesium (Mg)



soluble in water, complexed by amino acids

Amino acids




Typical density: 1300 g/l at 20∞C




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  • Speedfol™ Amino Calmag SL maintains the Ca:Mg balance in the plant, which helps to prevent Botrytis (Grey Mould) and bunch stem necrosis in grapes.
  • The complex is not influenced by the pH of the soil and/or water, leaving its efficacy unaffected over a wide range of pH.
  • Its amino acids favour the calcium and magnesium absorption and metabolisation, stimulate photosynthesis, are a source of energy, are building blocks for protein synthesis, and give the plant more resistance to stress (for example after a treatment with a dormancy break product) and adverse conditions.
  • The AA-Ca-Mg complex is easily recognised and taken up by the plant, resulting in immediate availability within the plant cells for nutrition or metabolic purposes.
  • Environmentally safe, because the AA complexing agent is of vegetal origin. The AA are readily metabolised within the plant or by microbial action, there is no build up of AA complexing agents in the soil or plant.
  • It does not contain sodium and heavy metals, thus minimising the risk of contamination, scorching or phytotoxicity.
  • Speedfol™ Amino Calmag SL conforms to the EPA, EUREPGAP and GAP norms for foliar plant nutrition.
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