Speedfol™ Marine SL

Speedfol™ Marine SL is a seaweed derived biostimulant, fortified with P, K, Zn, B and amino acids in order to stimulate a balanced growth of the plant in general and of fruits in particular.

Speedfol™ Marine SL is based on marine algae. Algae extracts are not only a source of nutrients, but also contain natural hormones, vitamins, organic complexes, sugars and trace minerals.

Their action is multiple: increased systemic acquired resistance response in plants, increased frost and cold acclimatisation, less nematode damage, the plant's photosynthetic capabilities are maintained at a greater level (greener plants) and they aid in the uptake of certain elemental nutrients across leaf surfaces.

Seaweed extracts promote cell division and cell elongation, root growth, flowering and fruit set and consequently increase the yield of quality produce.

Speedfol™ Marine SL is applied to the crop in the initial generative phase to promote the flower and fruit formation and growth.

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  • P provides the energy for the cell division, sugar synthesis and other biochemical processes in the plant.
  • K is responsible for the transport and storage of sugars from the leaf to the storage organ (fruit, tuber, seed, root, and bulb).
  • Zn acts as a growth stimulator due to its role in the auxin formation.
  • B is important for flower fertility and pollination, essential for cell wall formation and a structural component of the cell wall.
  • The amino acids (AA) stimulate photosynthesis and control the opening of stomata. Amino acids are a precursor and activator of phytohormones and growth substances, building blocks for protein synthesis and a source of energy. AA give the plant more resistance to stress and adverse conditions.
  • Its acidic pH helps to reduce the pH of alkaline water and increases the stability and efficacy of tank mixes.
  • Speedfol™ Marine SL has a humectant activity, which prolongs the wetting period of the leaf and improves the uptake via the leaf.
  • Speedfol™ Marine SL conforms to the EPA, EUREPGAP and GAP norms for foliar plant nutrition.

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Declared Contents % w/w

Declared Contents % w/v

Total nitrogen (N)



Phosphorous pentoxide (P2O5)



Phosphorous (P)



Potassium oxide (K2O)



Potassium (K)



Boron (B)



Zinc (Zn)



All micronutrients are soluble in water



Amino acids




ppm p/p

ppm p/v




Cytokinin Low in chloride



Typical density; 1140 g/l at 20∞ C



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