Qrop™ SOP

Qrop™ SOP G and Qrop™ SOP S:

  • Are the most concentrated chloride-free potassium sources in the market.
  • Are of natural origin and the extraction method is environmentally friendly. Both have a low salinity index (46,1), IFDC 1979.
  • Both contain low-solubility potassium and sulphur, which are much required at the start of the growth cycle of crops.
  • Qrop™ SOP G (granulated) and Qrop™ SOP S (standard) are two highly concentrated products. They supply 51 % of potassium oxide (K2O) and 18 % of sulphur (S).
  • Are virtually free of sodium, heavy metals and impurities and they are chloride-free. They have a very low salinity index which is especially appropriate for those crops that are susceptible to chloride and susceptible to saline conditions of intensive production systems.
  • Are extracted from subterranean lakes by means of environmentally friendly technologies. Therefore it is permitted to use both products in organic agriculture.
  • Can be directly applied to the soil. Both are compatible with all the fertilizers in the market which means that top quality physical blends can be made with Qrop™ SOP.

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Declared Contents

Potassium oxide (K2O)


Sulphur (S)




Solubility (in water at 20 °C)

11,1 g/100 cm³


1,7 tonne/m³

Angle of repose (°)


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