Qrop™ KS

Qrop™ KS is a potassium source that also provides rapidly absorbed nitrate-nitrogen, the plant’s preferred nitrogen source. As a result, it is the most relevant source in terms of crop yield. Qrop™ KS is a nutritional solution which is produced starting from natural raw materials quarried in the northern regions of Chile through an environmentally friendly process.

Qrop™ KS has a superior sturdiness. The prills have less product loss during transport tests and better performance during abrasion and impact tests. This makes the prill ideal for blending with other fertilizers.

Qrop™ KS is changing the game in bulk blending market, offering up a superior source of chloride-free potassium and safe-handling nitrate-nitrogen.

Qrop™ KS Characteristics / Typical

Total of nitrate nitrogen

12,8 %(as 100% NO3-)

Potassium expressed as K2O

46,3 % (38,6% K)

Total of sulfate (SO4)

2,0 % (0,67% S)

Physical appearance

Pink Prills

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Qrop™ KS (12-0-46) has a higher Potassium Content:
K2O is 1% higher in Qrop™ KS compared to Qrop K.

The Prills are Larger
Bigger size is better for bulk blending. Qrop™ KS has a size guide number (SGN) of 270 – 290.

Qrop™ KS bags are not IMO 5.1 classified
Reduced constraints regarding transport and storage, and lower burden of regulatory affairs.

High quality prill
Qrop™ KS is a robust prill with superior stability. The pills have a strong resistance to crumbling and have excellent performance results during abrasion and impact tests


Ease of applications
Qrop™ KS dissolves when exposed to water, making it readily available for plant uptake. Qrop™ KS can be directly applied to the soil during any growth stage of the crop. Qrop™ KS is an indispensable source of potassium, nitrate and sulfate for a broad range of crops. Due to the pink color of the prills it is easy to control the quality of the application on the soil.

Chloride free
Qrop™ KS is free of chloride which is often present in other granular fertilizers. Crops can react negatively to excessive use of chloride. Qrop™ KS is the preferred potassium source due to the presence of nitrogen as 100% nitrate (NO3-). Nitrates act antagonistically to chlorides (Cl-) present in the soil or water.

For all soil grown crops
Qrop™ KS is ideal for broadcasting under fruit and nut trees, as well as top and basal dressing of field grown annual crops. Application is also suitable in soil-grown greenhouse crops. Qrop™ KS can be applied in tobacco, potato, tomato, pepper, melon, watermelon, flowers, tree fruits (apple, grapevine, stone fruits, kiwi, avocado, and citrus), nut crops, etc.

Benefit of potassium and nitrate
Qrop™ KS application is highly effective in supplying nitrate, potassium and sulphate. Nitrate promotes uptake of potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc. Nitrate is also effective in inhibiting chloride uptake. Potassium sufficiency in crop plants is essential for optimal performance, potassium being a key nutrient ensuring yield and product quality. Potassium in particular increases the sugar contents as well as the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables. The synergistic uptake of potassium through nitrate improves yield and quality all cultivated crops.
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