Qrop™ K

Qrop™ K is a potassium source which is rapidly absorbed by the plant and which also provides nitrate nitrogen, the plants' preferred nitrogen source. As a result, it is the most relevant source in terms of crop yield.

Qrop™ K is a nutritional solution which is produced starting from natural raw materials quarried in the Northern regions of Chile through an environmentally friendly process.

Qrop™ K is free of chloride and, thanks to its low hygroscopicity, the product can be used under all climatic conditions in any part of the world.

  • Qrop™ K is the most concentrated source providing at the same time both nitrogen and potassium.
  • It`s the potassium source with the fastest action, accompanied by nitrate nitrogen, with immediate availability for the plant.
  • This product can be mixed with virtually any straight fertilizers applied in agriculture.
  • Because of its characteristic to directly supply the soil with nitrate nitrogen, the reactions that release protons and acidify the soil do not take place, as is the case with ammonium.
  • Due to the elements it supplies and due to its low salinity, Qrop™ K can be applied to a wide range of crops and during each growth stage.
  • More than 80% of the nitrogen consumed by plants is nitrate, the preferred nitrogen source of plants.

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Declared Contents

Nitrate nitrogen (N - NO3)


Potassium Oxide (K2O)


Potassium (K)


Density (ton/m³)


Angle of Repose (°)


Solubility (g/l a 20° C)


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Qrop™ K Plus Increases Rice Yield in Mexico by 45,6%.
“During August 2010 a trial was performed on rice crop on the estate of Mr Antonio Pérez, located in Tuxtepec, State of Oaxaca, Mexico. The purpose of this trial was to determine the effect of Qrop™ K Plus as part of a Specialty Plant Nutrition programme against a traditional fertiliser programme usually used in Oaxaca and to assess the impact of Qrop™ K Plus on the final crop yield” reports Eduardo Altamirano, Agronomic Engineer at SQM México.

For each treatment (see Table 1 for the details) 1 hectare of rice crop was selected to perform the experiment and in order to evaluate the effect on the yield for each treatment, the total amounts of harvested kilos per treated surface were weighed. The obtained results clearly showed that the application of Qrop™ K Plus had a positive effect on the rice crop since a yield increase of 45,6% compared to the control plot was noted (Figure 1).


Dose (kg/ha)

Type de Application

Moment of Application

Traditional Programme (Control)


250 kg/a


30 days after transplanting


150 kg/há

K3 (50% K)

60 days after transplanting

Ureic Nitrogen



SQM´ Specialty Plant Nutrition Programme

Qrop™ K Plus

300 kg/há


1 month after transplanting


150 kg/há


1 month after transplanting

Ureic Nitrogen



Nitrate Nitrogen



Table 1. The traditional fertilisation programme compared with the SQM de un 45,6% (Figura 1). Specialty Plant Nutrition programme containing Qrop™ K Plus.

La aplicación con Qrop™ K Plus aumenta el rendimiento de un 45,6%
Figure 1. The application with Qrop™ K Plus resulted in 45,6% more yield.

In order to assess the profitability resulting from applying Qrop™ K Plus on rice crop, a profitability analysis was made of which the details are grouped in Table 2. This analysis clearly showed that far better results were obtained with Qrop™ K Plus since the SQM plot produced 2,12 tonnes more rice per hectare compared to the control plot, which in turn generated an extra gross profitability of US$ 344 per hectare (i.e. + 68%!).

Traditional Programme (Control)


SQM´ SPN programme with Qrop™ K Plus

188 US$/ha

Fertiliser Costs

353 US$/ha

784 US$/ha

Totals Costs

949 US$/ha


Fertiliser Costs/Total Costs


240 US$/T

Obtained Rice Price

240 US$/T

4,65 T/ha


6,77 T/ha

1.116 US$/ha

Gross Income

1.625 US$/ha

332 US$/ha (30%)

Gross Margin

676 US$/ha (42%)


Extra Gross Profitability

344 US$/ha (+ 68%)

Table 2. Profitability analysis of the two fertiliser treatments.

Rice harvesting in Tuxtepec, State of Oaxaca, Mexico
Rice harvesting in Tuxtepec, State of Oaxaca, Mexico.

The treatment with Qrop™ K Plus resulted in higher yield though less units of nitrogen were used
The treatment with Qrop™ K Plus resulted in higher yield though less units of nitrogen were used.
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