Qrop™ Calcium Plus

Qrop™ Calcium Plus is the best granulated source of calcium and nitrogen in the market.

Qrop™ Calcium Plus is a safe nutrient source for your crops. It is a unique water-soluble combination of nitrate nitrogen and calcium, ideal to be mixed with other fertilizers for soil application.

Qrop™ Calcium Plus has a biodegradable layer that protects the product against the ambient humidity and which makes it the only calcium nitrate fit to be directly applied to the soil. In physical blends, the product is compatible with a wide variety of fertilizers thanks to its high quality granulation (90 % between 2 - 4mm). Its use is optimal when mixed with Qrop™ K, in stages of maximum demand of calcium and potassium, such as flowering stage, growth stage and fruit filling stage as well as sugar accumulation.

  • Qrop™ Calcium Plus does not contain impurities that are detrimental to the plants (no chloride, sodium or heavy metals). The product can be applied continually without accumulating salts or toxic elements.
  • Nitrate nitrogen (N-NO³ Calcium Plus into an immediately available product for nutrient uptake by the plants at the most opportune moment, during stages of maximum demand.
  • 80% of the nitrogen that is consumed by plants has the form of nitrate nitrogen (N-NO³) which is the plant's preferred nitrogen form for uptake. It promotes the absorption of important cations such as K+, Ca++ and Mg++ Moreover, there are no losses as a result of volatilization.

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Declared Contents

Calcium oxide (CaO)


Calcium (Ca)


Nitrogen (N)


Nitrate nitrogen (N - NO3)


Ammoniacal nitrogen (N - NH4)


Solubility (g/l at 20 °C)

1200 g/l water

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