Magnesium is known for its role in the photosynthesis. It is a component of the molecular chlorophyll. Generally, it promotes the P absorption and is involved in the carotene and lipids synthesis. Magnesium activates several enzymes, including those that are involved in the carbohydrates and proteins metabolism. Magnesium participates in the cell turgidity and the maintenance of ionic and pH balance. Magnesium is highly mobile in the plant.

Magnesium has a fundamental role as a component of the chlorophyll molecule and actively participates in the photosynthesis; 20% of the total magnesium in the plants is in the chlorophyll.

Magnesium Role (Mg)

• It promotes the phosphorus absorption.
• It participates in the synthesis of xanthophylls, carotenes and lipids.
• It is an enzymes´ activator, particularly of those involved in the carbohydrates and proteins metabolism.
• It maintains optimum cell turgidity.
• It regulates the cellular pH and ionic balance.


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