Boron participates in the cationic nutrients absorption and metabolism processes of the plant; especially Ca. Boron is essential for cellular membrane rigidity and intervenes in the pectin synthesis.

Boron participates in the nucleic acid, in the protein synthesis and in the carbohydrates translocation within the phloem. In addition, Boron participates in the cellular division, elongation and differentiation processes during sprouting and root apex formation. Also, it has a critical role in the pollen germination and pollen tube growing.

Boron is immobile within the phloem in the majority of plant species except in the fruit trees. The deficiency can be localized but is not present in the whole tree.

Boron Role

• Absorption and cationic metabolism, especially calcium.
• Cell wall synthesis (pectin formation and cellular walls lignin).
• Ribonucleic acids (RNA) and proteins synthesis.
• Biosíntesis y trasporte de carbohidratos en el floema.
• Carbohydrates biosynthesis and transport within the phloem.
• It is required in areas of high metabolic activity, such sprouts and roots apexes, for the division, cellular elongation and meristem differentiation processes.
• It acts together with calcium in the plants´ lignification.
• During flowering, it increments the pollen germination and later on the pollen tube development.
• It increments the fruits set.
• It participates in the phenols and ascorbates metabolism.

Table 2. Boron functions and it´s benefits ( source: Alarcón, 2002).



Pollination and fruit set

Greater size and pollen grain fertility.
Greater pollen tube growing.
It reduces corolla size and showing more attractive flowers
Increases the level of nectar in the flowers.
Increases the level of nectar in the flowers.
Greater atraction of pollinizer insects for the flowers.
Greater fruit attachment and higher yields.

Cellular elongation and division

Greater root development.
Structures without deformations.
Greater fruits caliber.
Vigorous sprouts.

Sugars and assimilates

Better fruits quality.
Greater fruits weight.
Higher yield.
Greater phosphorus and calcium absorption.

Pectin's synthesis participations

Thicker cellular walls.
Greater on shelf life.

Mycorrhizae development

Greater phosphorus absorption.
Greater roots development.
Greater nutrients absorption.


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