SQM Organic Division

SQM Organic is the organic division of SQM created to respond to the plant nutrition needs of organic farming.

SQM Organic produces and markets high quality organic fertilizers accompanied by expert technical support.

Indeed, we have more than 35 years of worldwide experience in the plant nutrition market and some SQM fertilizers have been used in some countries for more than 100 years, when all farming was still organic.

Therefore, putting together all our experience and know-how on plant nutrition as well as the high quality and natural origin of ours products, enables us to take another major step forward in launching the Allganic™ brand: SQM's product family of organic soil amendments and fertilizers.

Allganic™ is committed to enhance well-balanced and healthy organic soils leading to high quality crops providing healthy and nutritious food contributing as such to a better quality of life.

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Note: Some products not be available in certain markets.