Ask your local SQM agronomist for a specialty plant nutrition programme in accordance with your local needs and requirements.

An adequate supply of nutrients to plants should incorporate both macronutrients and micronutrients. SQM in the selection of specialty plant nutrition (SPN) that offers the following alternatives available according to the route of application (fertigation, soil or foliar):

Growth Stage


Dosis/100lt (ml o gr)

Product use/ha (lt o kg)


Transplanting of the cloves

Speedfol™ Marine SL

2 l


Immerse the transplants in a 2% solution for 5 minutes to improve plant establishment and relieve stress that normally comes with transplanting.

Post emergence

Speedfol™ Amino Starter SC

500 ml

1,5 l

Apply every 2 weeks until crop establishment. Start applying from the moment the crop has sufficient leaves to absorb the spray.

Pincel stage

Speedfol™ Amino Vegetative SC
Speedfol™ Zn SC

800 ml

4,0 l
0,25 l

Apply every 2 weeks. Speedfol™ Zn SC promotes the synthesis of auxins. Speedfol™ Amino Vegetative SC stimulates the vegetative development of the plant.

7 days later

Speedfol™ B SP

150 gr

0,8 kg

To increase plant firmness. Repeat once 7 days after bulb initiation.

After pencil stage until bulb initiation

Speedfol™ Amino Flower & Fruit SC
Speedfol™ Amino Calmag Plus SC
Speedfol™ Amino Calmag SL

1.000 ml
1.000 ml

5,0 lt
5,0 lt
5,0 lt

Speedfol™ Amino Flower & Fruit SC is high in Potassium to promote the production and transport of sugars from the upper leaf part to the leaf base (=bulb developmnet). Speedfol™ Amino Calmag Plus SC and Speedfol Amino Calmag SL contain Calcium for stronger cells and Magnesium for improved photosynthetic efficiency. Speedfol™ Amino Calmag SL is high in amino acids for efficient nutrient uptake, energy and stress relief. Apply Speedfol™ Amino Flower & Fruit SC and Speedfol™ Amino Calmag Plus SC or Speedfol™ Amino Calmag SL together every 2 weeks until the begining of bulb stage.

7 days after bulb initiation

Speedfol™ B SP

150 gr

0,8 kg

To increase bulb firmness

Post bulb initiation to 2 weeks before tip over

Speedfol™ K SL

600 ml

3,0 l

Apply every 7-10 days until one week before harvest. As of this growing stage, no Nitrogen may be applied, but only Potassium to ensure bulb quality.

The recommendations in the table are general: They can vary by several factors, conditions, criteria and objectives. Ask your adviser or distributor for your nutritional program or any other specific information about using the range of nutrition products Speedfol™.

Info by crop:
All the information is given to the best of SQM's knowledge and is believed to be accurate. Your conditions of use and application of the suggested products and recommendations are beyond our control. There is no warranty regarding the accuracy of any given data or statements. SQM specifically disclaims any responsibility or liability relating to the use of the suggested products and recommendations and shall under no circumstances whatsoever, be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages which may arise from such use.

Note: Some products not be available in certain markets.